From Velez Blanco, take the Maria road. Maria is about 7kms away – Market day there is every Sunday - travel through the village - on the left, are the Botanical Gardens which are certainly worth a visit with walks of 4-7kms and varied protected plants – especially attractive in Spring.

Continue on main road towards Orce, a surprising town which seems to just materialize from nothing as you drive over the plain (good time to fill up with diesel as they seem to be the cheapest fuel in this region) In Orce, take the Granada turning on the left (SE33) and continue to the main road (A330)

Turn right onto the A330 heading for Huéscar but watch for the small sign and turning on the left for Galera. Take the first turning for Galera which brings you into the top of the village where there are a plethora of cave dwellings, most of which are modernised and lived in. see photos

Go through the village until you meet the main road and turn left for Huéscar.

A good time for a break? There’s a restaurant on the left just after the Shell garage outside Galera called el Parador. Ask for “Vladimir” (from Ukraine) who is especially helpful.

Once back on the main road and 4kms further on, turn left for Huéscar town centre.

After the road sweeps around to the right watch for and take the left turning (A-326) towards Castril/Baza, drive along the main Huéscar high street past the first main left (for Baza) and then take the next main left (the A-326) towards Castril.

1km outside Huéscar bear right (GR-700) and after 7kms take the road on the left. This will take you to the Embalse de San Clemente – the first of 4 Dammed lakes.

Immediately after the Dam, turn left and start dropping down through the valley. Join main road at “T” junction and turn right towards Castril (A-326). Castril is a lesser know Spanish village with a church that sits precariously on it’s own small mountain. It also has one of the most attractive lakes, the Embalse de Portillo,  in the region. See photos.

Continue down the valley heading for Pozo Alcón but keep a sharp lookout to the right through the trees. The next lake can easily be missed – it is Embalse de Bolera. Continue on the A-326 past the lake and over the very short but high bridge (worth a picture) down the valley past Pozo Alcon and join the A-315 heading south for Baza until you finally come to the largest of the lakes, Embalse de Negratin. There are 2 restaurants as you reach the lake. Both are excellent and either worthy of a visit for drinks and tapas. There is a smaller route around the south of the lake that takes in some more restaurants and views.

The remainder of the drive is thru Zújar and into Baza where there is a good variety of shops and larger stores/supermarkets. To return home, join the A92N towards Murcia and that will bring you right back to Velez Rubio where you leave the motorway and join the last link back up into Velez Blanco and home!