The views are, to say the least, magnificent and just reward for the effort put in. Cortijo Rio Claro is also visible from all along the top of the mountain. Take a back pack with food and drink as you won’t want to leave in a hurry.

The usual way to walk it is starting from a picnic area in the ‘saddle’ (or pass) located between Mahimon and the Sierra de Maria range to the right. As the picnic area is some 4kms from Velez Blanco and 8kms from Rio Claro, most people prefer to drive there saving their energy for the mountain itself.

 The majority of the walk is on the north face of the mountain (away from the sun) and through the fir trees so depending upon time of year, sensible clothing must be considered.

Take the main Velez Rubio to Maria road past the back of Velez Blanco and behind castle, as the road sweeps around the castle, there is a camino (dirt track) on the opposite side of the road. Turn here.
Follow the camino for approx 4kms until you reach the ‘saddle’ (or pass) between Mt. Mahimon and Sierra de Maria where there is a viewing and picnic area. Park the car here.
The walk starts by climbing up through the trees heading back towards Mahimon (East) aiming just to the left of the large rocky crag which is only a few hundred meters away and clearly visible from the start.
When level with the top of the rocky crag (well before the summit), turn right and cross the crag in the middle of the row of rocks forming a natural wall. Carry on walking around this first hill in an anti-clockwise direction, following the contour lines (there is a faint goat track there if your lucky enough to stumble across it, but don’t worry if not as it is not necessary for this part of the climb).
When you reach the saddle (or pass) between this hill and the end of the Mahimon range, follow the saddle on the Mahimon side staying at about the same height.
At the end of the saddle is a small ruin just before the hill starts to climb up for Mahimon. The goat path clearly starts from this ruin and can be followed through the trees all the way to the top of the mountain. It is only a slight incline but watch slipping down the slope to the left as it can be quite steep.
You will suddenly come out into a clearing and hey presto, you’re on top of the world.
We never go further than the first large and obvious dip as after that point some climbing experience would be required (and maybe some climbing equipment) and is really not necessary as you are already on top of the world with magnificent views to as far as the Sierra Nevada.