12/3/5 - 19/3/05
What a way to see the "Real Spain". The Cortijo has been a fantastic place for us all to stay, just what we needed!  Thank you to Nick & Claire for all your help in ensuring our stay was as good as it has been! We can't wait to return.

Dominic, Emily & baby Isabella xx (from England)

* We will look after the "Isabella" toys for you 'till your return ~ We're looking forward to that too*
~Nick & Claire~

16-10-05 / 03-11-05
It gets better by the year. This book hadn't been started when we visited last year so we do not have an earlier entry. However, we just love it here; whether enjoying the peace and tranquility sitting outside, or viewing the breathtaking scenery of Almeria and adjacent provinces. The weather has again been perfect, often too hot for us poor English. Today it was 23ēC in the shade and 42ēC in the open. We have even been forced to buy factor 25 sun cream but are not complaining.

We have maybe had special treatment as we are Nick's parents, but the drives we have undertaken were really something. (But don't try to get by road from La Manga north to the mainland as it is not possible).

The recommended restaurants have been superb and Claire's cooking has been equally as good. We have several extra pounds each to lose (starting maņana!)

If they will have us again, we will certainly return and, perhaps then, they might let us win at Canasta.

Pat & Mike Gill.

* As long as you don't coincide with our paying guests, you're always welcome *
~Nick & Claire~

Feb 06
Fantastic way to celebrate our birthdays. Thank you so much for having us. The cortijo is fantastic/brilliant & possibly the best place to unwind & relax.

Beat you at Mah-Jong on the next visit Nick!

All our love Kate & Bob.

* It was a pleasure having you both to stay and I'm surprised you can even remember the Mah-Jong Kate *
~Nick & Claire~


Sept 25 2006
Sitting here looking at the "Sleeping Red Indian" (or should that be Native American?) and wishing I didn't have to fly back to England this evening -

Some of the best scenery in Europe everywhere you look, fascinating wildlife; lizards, eagles, vultures, figs off the trees, fresh almonds too - absolutely superb!! Great hosts in Claire & Nick, + cheap wine & beer. All the above make this the place to get away from it all..... wonder if I should miss my flight??

Having family here an added bonus, especially as we're all here for an extra special celebration - thanks Jean for a great idea, I'm really pleased it all came together for your 80th birthday.



What a wonderful, relaxing & visually inspiring location - can't wait to return to have time for exploring further. It was a great way to celebrate Mum's 80th birthday - thank you to Mum & everyone for making it such a success, particularly thank you to Claire & Nick for all the organizing etc etc & to Mum for making it possible for all of us to be together for the best Family party ever.

Lots of love Janet xx


Thank you Claire and Nick for a wonderful 80th Birthday for Mum. What a beautiful place for relaxing, lovely scenery and brilliant sunshine. Hope to be back very soon. Thanks again for the use of your place.

Love Sally x


Words do not convey the gratitude I feel to you both for the superb 80th Birthday celebration you prepared for Jean. It could not have been a more happy event. Finally, thank you for taking us on country runs. We both feel we are beginning now to get the "feel" of your Spanish home. May you have many more years in which to enjoy it.



Can it really be the end of this magical week in Rio Claro, in the company of ALL my family? When I announced in June 2005 during Don's 80th birthday party, that I was inviting the whole family to Rio Claro in September 2006, as I wished to do something totally different to celebrate my 80th birthday, I could not have imagined just how perfect it would be.

A HUGE Thank you to Claire and Nick for thinking of just about EVERYTHING. Without you both it could not have happened. You have plotted and planned and schemed with the rest of the family to reveal a series of amazing surprises for me on THE DAY!!

Rio Claro is the perfect venue for a special family gathering. I am truly blessed to have such a lovely family.

What an idyllic setting in which to commence my next 80 years!! We must do it again sometime!!..... We have fallen in love with your way of life here. Truly Magical!!

All my love. Mum. 80 years and 4 days!!!

I do NOT want to leave!!....

* Glad the whole "Kay" family finally got to see where/how we live now, and that you all fitted into this "way of life" so easily!  ~ It was an absolute pleasure having everyone to stay and hopefully you will all come back again (though not necessarily all at the same time!) *
~Nick & Claire~


Thanks M&D. We've all had an awesome holiday & are thoroughly knackered for it to say the least. From the fiestas to lakes, everything is exactly what we needed here for our Aussie reunion. Especially the price of beer  . Clearly I like it though so you'll be seeing me at christmas again you lucky lucky peeps.

Love you both; Zack x

* That's my boy...... *
~Nick & Claire~

Hey Nick & Claire!
Rushing out the door and will probably get a beating if I'm the last in the car so it's short and sweet. Have had the BEST holiday ever, the house is georgous and so are the surroundings. Can't wait to come again!!

Lots of Love. Melinda xxx

* That's his girl...... *
~Nick & Claire~