December 2004
What a privilege to be the first to sign this book. I am sure we will be at the top of a long list of superlatives.  We had a magical time. Nick & Claire went the extra mile to ensure our family celebrated Christmas in style.  We will be back!

Tony, June, Edward, Max, Ben, Bobby & Sarka (from France)

 * It would have been hard to imagine a nicer group as our first official "off the web" bookies. The privilege was ours *
~Nick & Claire~

31-12-04 // 2-1-05
We spent a very nice time in your CORTIJO. We hope return soon.

Irene, Pepa, Chris, Irene, Jesus, Yoyo, Noa, Elado, Gary, Elena, David, Seneen, Casilda, Chris, Ika, Cedrik, Marvik & Andres (from Spain)

 * We hope so too *
~Nick & Claire~

26th - 28th February
We have enjoyed a lot this weekend and we have hadSNOW. We came here thinking that and we have had luck. Now is Sunday night and we don't know if we can leave tomorrow. Thank you very much Nick & Claire for coming yesterday night to have dinner with us. You're wonderful. We hope to see you again.

Mercu, Maribel, Ana, Carlos (el Chumbo), Nelida, Antonio (el Metralleta), Marcos (el Anchoa), Joses (from Spain)

* They made it out OK the next day *
~Nick & Claire~

What a fantastic location! Wonderful hosts - excellent food (esp. Chicken). A perfect place to explore real Spain with great company. The walks are spectacular try them. We must come back.

A group of "oldies" from Mojacar and 2 from Wales.

PS! We got to about 10 feet from the top of "La Muela". We don't believe anyone ever made it up there!!!

* The food service is a new one for us so very glad you liked Claire's "Spanish" chicken *
P.S. The "Muela" comment sounds like a challenge to us !!!!!!!

~Nick & Claire~

Thank you for the use of the cortijo, fantastic location, beautiful scenery, we had a visit to the lakes, wonderful meals on your recommendations, just a wonderful break.

Doug & Chris - England

* It's always a delight when we get guests who appreciate the area as much as we do ~ Thanks *
~Nick & Claire~

Once again, a fantastic five days. Wonderful location, scenery etc. Just the place to "Chill"
Many thanks for accompanying us to the three superb restaurants.
Be prepared to see us again next year.

Dave, Sandra, Amy & Laura from back home.

PS. Hope the hangover's not too bad

* The hangover was bad, but worth it - We also had a wonderful few days with you all ~ Thanks *
~Nick & Claire~

Thank you for waiting up for us and helping us - and making us feel welcome - on our very late arrival. The cortijo is very pleasant, the location is wonderful, though our programme did not allow us to spend as long as we would have liked here, we saw enough to make us want to come back. I am sure some of us will be back.

The ISS group: Anne (Canada), Cisca (Holland), Dea (Indonesia), Elona (Bangladesh), Jing (China), Joy (China), Mary (Uganda), Kathryn (Philippines), Tutik (Indonesia), Jo�o (Portugal)

* You had more than your fair share of problems just getting to Spain so we did not mind the 02:45 stay-up ~ It's all part of the service *
~Nick & Claire~

Great place to really chill out in, lovely surroundings with breathtaking views and great walks (and we're not walkers) but have loved it. Nick & Claire have been great hosts and couldn't do enough for us all - had some really good laughs with good friends new and old - Game of Articulate stands at 2-1 to the boys - Watch this space - We'll be back. xx

Yve & Chris.

PS. Thanks for letting us watch the Brazilian GP from your house - Shame Alonso didn't win!

* He didn't win the GP, but did win the World Championship Title ~ I think it must be our influence !!! *
~Nick & Claire~

29. Sept 2005
What can we say! Another brilliant holiday had by us all. Exquisite views + comfortable accommodation. Good food, good wine + good company, what more could you ask for? Counting the months until we can return. Thank you Nick + Claire for making it so special. See you very very soon.

Jan + Phil Sutcliffe.

PS. The boys cheated at "Articulate"  to win 2-1 !!

* ���� Cheated ???? ~ You're only saying that 'cause it's true !!! *
P.S. We're looking forward to you getting your villa over here ASAP. We'll lose good rentals but we'll gain good friends.
~Nick & Claire~


Dec 05
Christmas decorations very sweet, and gifts as well!! Thoughtful stuff left around house like soap, box of tissues and candles. Loved playing pool with Nick, even if we didn't win all the time We couldn't have had a friendlier host. Help provided when needed (where to eat and drink etc), absolutely fantastic scenery A brilliant Christmas had by all.

Much love.    Micky, James, Su, Malcolm.
(attached to Dixon brood)

* You're a credit to the Family ~ It was a pleasure to have met you all and shared some laughs ~ Thanks *
~Nick & Claire~

Dec 05
Our home is in the idyllic Carmarque region of Southern France but we choose to take our holidays here! Our second year at Rio Claro and once more we had a ball. Thank you to our hosts, who as always go the extra mile to ensure our comfort and happiness. Nick even fixed my car and let me beat him at pool. We will see you sooner than you think!

Tony, June, Max, Ben, Bobby + ZsaZsa XXXX

* What can we say? We feel like we have known you all for years and love having you stay at our cortijo *
~Nick & Claire~

As the Hungarian Representative, something should be said in Hungarian.......

L�legzet el�ll�t� k�rnyezet, fantasztikus holdb�li t�j, hihetetlen �lm�nyek!
K�sz�net minden�rt

ZsaZsa XXX

* ZsaZsa, thank you for correcting our Hungarian which, to be fair, is a bit rusty (non existent ) *
~Nick & Claire~


Jan 06
Large log fires much appreciated (and needed!)

Pat & Mick

* If we didn't know better, we would have thought no one had ever been to Rio Claro ~ You left it immaculately clean & tidy - Thank you *
~Nick & Claire~

July 5th 2006
We have had a wonderful time here, and being surrounded by the mountains, sheep and the local mafia has been absolutely fantastic! If you want a tasty cake, see juan jo. And definatly go for a swim in the lakes like Claire + Nick suggest in their book.
Also, thank you so much Claire + Nick for everything from fannyflaptastic barbie's, to your very kind hospitality. You have been wonderful, from;

Helen, Aletta, Will, Lee, Cessie xxx, Clare x, Dena Dee x, Kim, Emma, Lucy xxx

* It was a pleasure have such fun loving "youth" at our cortijo, and all so good looking too (except Will of course). Here's to you all now that you have graduated Good-luck for your future careers*
~Nick & Claire~

August - September 2006
Your cortijo was absolutely perfect for feeling utterly relaxed and away from it all. The views, in all directions, are very evocative and seductive. Over three weeks, ten people came and went - all of them extremely sorry to leave. Velez Blanco is charming and we will really miss skulking around it's streets.
Nick and Claire were unbelievably helpful and cooperative. They made us feel as though nothing was too much trouble.
- For great food in an elegant setting, go to restaurant El Molino.
- Wasting time outside Bar Sociadad is well worthwhile.
- The storms are very dramatic!
- We saw wild boar, vultures and eagles.
- Barbeques were great fun. Anita at the Carneceria in Blanco can provide a small farm yard for 20�.
- Don't go to the coast: It is like Dante's Inferno.

        Hope you get loads of bookings,


* Thank you all so much for leaving our house with so little left for us to do prior to the next guests. The place was immaculate. We both loved having you all stay and seeing you enjoy your holiday so much. It makes it so worthwhile for us and we look forward to the next time *
~Nick & Claire~

Oct 13, 2006
What a beautiful place for my first visit to Spain! I had a wonderful week visiting all my English relatives for a family reunion. It was nice to have so many generations gathered together. The weather was perfect and the scenery magnificent. Loved the early morning visits from the goats! Thank you for a wonderful stay.

Ann & Caitlin


Thoroughly enjoyed the scenery, how wonderful what a lovely place for our large family to gather together so that we could visit our brother who already lives in the area. Many thanks

From Maureen & David


Fantastic week, fantastic company, fantastic views - no more to say.

Thanks. Maureen & Gordon.


Thanks to Nick & Claire for making us all so comfortable & welcome. What a beautiful place to stay.

Thanks, Dawn & Chris.

* Glad you all had such a good time and that the family reunion was such a success *
~Nick & Claire~


Nov/Dec 2006
Nick & Claire,
Thanks for a wonderful week. Now I know why my brother came to live here. Great house and lovely log fire. Wonderful views wherever you go. I still haven't seen a wild boar 'though!

Mark Beckmann
Anglesey N. Wales.

* We've been here for nearly three years now and also have not glimpsed the wild boars yet. Many of our guest have, so we know they exist, there're just a bit shy and illusive!  Also, thank you so much for leaving our house so clean, neat and tidy. The place was immaculate. If you ever feel the desire to return, you will be most welome *
~Nick & Claire~


Feb 2007
I felt so relaxed even with four under four year olds and my boss sharing the cortijo. May be in touch later in the year as my wife and I will be looking for a 3 to 4 month let from January. Good luck with the digging.

Tony. Scotland.

* Always nice to see folk relax and enjoy themselves as you all did. We look forward to having you back again soon *
~Nick & Claire~


August 2007
Nick & Claire Thank you so much for an AWESOME ten days! It's wonderful to get away from annoyances of the big cities and numerous British tourists, & to find the real Spain. With both the pros and cons that come with it. Although some of the group left yesterday I'm sure they support me in offering our warmest thanks for providing such a beautiful setting in which to chill & reconnect as friends!! For a third time THANK YOU, & look forward to seeing you both in the future!!

Love Dan

PS. I'm sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, it's 6:30am and I'm a tad hung-over!!!

* That's what we like to hear. It was very nice meeting you Dan and all your group *
PS. I corricted your speeling and grammer mistacks so worry dont!!!
~Nick & Claire~

August 2007
Nick & Claire
You guys have a gorgeous place here in Spain. We all got to experience a different side of the country, with all it's fiesta glory, thanks to you and your lovely home. It was great to meet you both and get the opportunity to see my old uni friends in such a surreal setting. Muchas gracias por todo mis amigos!

Hasta Luego, Ginny xxx

* It was a delight meeting you and all your group and having them stay here *
~Nick & Claire~

August 2007
I wish I had a day to write something here, to describe all the amazing sights I'd seen and all the events I've experienced. I just want to say a huge thank you for everything - I will definitely be spreading the word about this little gem!

All my love Alice x

* Sweet words Alice - Thank you very much and yes please, spread away*


October 2007
The best night sky we've ever seen in the northern Hemisphere! A great pozzy!!!

Best Wishes from Ken & Lori (Kidd) Devon U.K.

* We wish you every success in your search for a new home in Spain - Good luck*
~Nick & Claire~


Febrero 2010
Hemos pasado un fin de semana genial en vuestro cortijo. Aunque el tiempo no era bueno para caminar por el campo, si lo ha sido para disfrutar junto al calor de esa magnifica estufa de lena. Estamos deseando volver, sobre todo al imaginar como será la primavera en ese paraje tan natural y como no, esperando la piscina pal verano (perdon balsa). Por ultimo agradecer el excelente trato recibido y perdonad si hemos causado alguno molestia.

-Familia Hann-Castano.

* Era grande teniéndole todo aqui y agradece JJ por elegir nuestro domicilio humilde :-) *
~Nick & Claire~