Cortijo "Rio Claro" (River Clear) is set within the "Sierra Maria - Los Vélez Parque Natural" in Andalucia, with stunning views over the mountains "Mahimon" and "Muelar". It is only 3kms from Vélez Blanco yet the locals call it 'tranquilo' due to its private and secluded location.

The house is set in the ideal location for either an adventure or totally relaxing holiday vacation for eco-friendly tourists. Guests are "spoilt for choice" with walking, cycling, endless scenes for painting, and naturalists have an abundance of wildlife including regular visits overhead from Golden Eagles and Griffon Vultures (flock of 78 maximum seen so far!). There are even walks to the tops of both the mountains mentioned above from where you can see hundreds of square miles and as far as the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

The view whilst relaxing on the terrace in front of the cortijo is breathtaking and unspoilt. In fact, although there are some 5 or 6 local Spanish living nearby, only one other house is actually visible from the cortijo! Sit on the terrace of an evening and gaze at the Milky Way whilst listening to the sounds of Cicadas and, in the spring, Frogs from the stream at the bottom of the grounds. In the almond and olive groves (part of the 6 acres of land with the property) we even regularly get Nightingales singing.

Construction is traditional with exposed beams and thick stone walls keeping the inside cooler in the summer months. The property is divided into 2 units as described under Accommodation, but is let exclusively i.e. if your needs are such that you only require one of the 2 parts of the cortijo, a discount is given and the other unit IS NOT let to anyone for the duration of your stay. You will have complete privacy.

This is the holiday location for those who demand more than just the sun.